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Acceleration & Investment Program

Innovate21st is designed to deliver critical components of a successful accelerator program, which are learning, guidance and financing.

About the Program

Developed by idacapital, invested in by various institutional investors, Innovate 21st Acceleration & Investment program offers a wide range of knowledge base and Venture Capital support in order to promote startups.  


During the first phase of the two-phased program, applications are analyzed with great care through a two-stage evaluation system by our team of analysts and advisory board members. In the second phase, startups that are chosen for investment are included in the acceleration program in order to develop their businesses, increase their market shares, and help them to reach a wider network.


As Innovate21st we invest in startups that can produce alternative solutions to conventional systems; which have passionate and reliable teams with strong innovative sides, aiming to help them reach their goals more easily and constructively.


Program Content

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1:1 meetings with investment analysts and you will get financial model design, unit economics analyses, growth and access to finance support in line with financial metrics
Financing up to $ 100,000 through Convertible Bonds
24-week program focused on driving business growth and accelerated market penetration
Close communication with Venture Capital investors and experts in marketing, technology, legal & tax issues etc.
Marketing and Cloud Server perks
Opportunity to receive further financing from program backers
Opportunity to reach a wide network of Venture Capital investors & co-investors


Modern Office
RetailTech & PropTech 2020

The ongoing change caused by digitization on Retail, Shopping and Commercial Real Estate Spaces, is stepping into a new phase, as we call it the “New Normal”, a lot sooner than it is expected. 
The New Normal, still yet to take on its mature form will affect consumer behavior (health, security, entertainment, etc.) Legacy systems should rapidly adapt to these changes, paving the way to create new opportunities for startups that have developed innovative solutions addressing these needs. 
Innovate21st focuses on this context.  With this Call, we boldly aim to place Istanbul in the origin point of such changes and new solutions. We want to be the first investors and users of these solutions.  

Following the evaluations during the second phase of the program:

  • Pulpo AR, working on augmented reality in the cosmetics sector

  • Park Palet and Navlungo, serving as a marketplace in the logistics and storage sector


deserved to attend the acceleration program coordinated by idacapital, and a total of 450K USD pre-Series-A level investment were made into these startups.


RetailTech & PropTech

FinTech 2020

Changes and developments regarding the innovations that are ongoing on the Finance and Technology sectors are causing new neccesities. Innovate21st Acceleration program is aiming to support new products that are formed to fulfill the urgent need of businesses to adapt to the new ecosystem.

Newly formed needs and demands are affecting the consumer behavior and conventional systems are not sufficient enough to assort with these changes. This situation is creating opportunities for startups that are developing innovative solutions.

As Innovate21st we are stepping in at this point and aiming to make Istanbul as the center and the starting point of these changes and new solutions by the implementation of the Acceleration program.

We are planning to start taking applications by mid-October 2020 and announce the startups that qualify to join the Investment & Acceleration program by mid-November. Program is planned to last for 24 weeks and aiming to contribute to the startups’ journey to success.  

RetailTech & PropTech

FinTech 2020


Road Map


Team and Execution

Program Topics

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Traction & Scale


Customer Experience


Sustainable Differentiation


Problem and Vision

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Unit Economics &

Business Model


Sustainable Systems & Risk Management


Product & Lovable Solution


Go-to Market Strategy


Investment Strategy


Assist. Prof. Zeynep A. Koçer


Didem Altop

 Co-founder at 2C Project House 

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Dr. İsmail Ari

TTO and Entrepreneurship Director at Ozyegin University

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Oğuzhan Aygören

Assistant Professor at Boğaziçi University

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Cem Baytok

Managing Partner at idacapital

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Tunç Berkman

Partner at TBS Investment

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Cem Boyner

CEO at Boyner Holding

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Yaşar Büyükçetin

Chairman at Büyükçetin Group SL

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Ahmet Cemal Dördüncü

Cemal Dördüncü.jpg

Akkök Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer

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İhsan Gökşin Durusoy

General Manager and Board Member at Akiş GYO and Akkök Holding Executive Board Member

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Prof. Dr. Esra Erdal

Research Group Leader, Stem Cell and Organoid Technologies at IBG Center at DEU

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Didem Gordon

Founder at Phaida Ventures

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ibrahim ibrahim.jpeg

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Managing Director at Portland Design

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Hande Işlak.jpeg

Hande Işlak

Deputy Head of Turkey, Corporates at EBRD

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WhatsApp Image 2020-05-11 at 19.59.15.jp

Research Group Leader, Emerging Viral Diseases at IBG Center and Assistant Professor at DEU

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Elif Kosok.png

Elif Koşok

Venture Capital Funding Group Executive Board Coordinator / TUBİTAK / TEYDEB

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Daniel Kranzler

Senior Partner at Capria and Senior Advisor Wadhwani Foundation

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Muhammed Özhan

Managing Director at Turk Telekom Ventures and Turk Telekom Group

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Şahin Tulga

Managing Partner at Mentoro Platform

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Şafak Müderrisgil

Founder and Chairperson of Etkiyap (Impact Investing Turkey)

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Sertaç Yeltekin

Founder & Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee

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Advisory Board


Tunç Berkman

Seasoned CMO, Marketing Consultant at Divera AI

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Ömer Saatçioğlu

Technology Consultant at McKinsey & Company

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Seçkin Yelmen

Director at Turkey Development Fund, Development Bank of Turkey

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Mustafa Çakır

IP & Licensing Patent Attorney at Sabancı University

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Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl.jpg

Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl

Managing Director at European Center for Social Finance 

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Phone: +90 850 360 9677

Adress: WorqCompany Akasya AVM,  No:426B, 34660, Üsküdar, İstanbul

E-mail: innovate21st@idacapital.com

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