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FinTech & Financial Inclusion

-Cohort 2-

Focus Areas and Technologies

  • Financial Infrastructure

  • Price Optimization

  • Digital Banking Experience

  • Cyber Risk Analysis

  • Business Transaction Facilitation

  • Big Data & Data Analytics

  • Cost Savings

  • Payment Security

  • Business Efficiency

  • Customer Experience

  • Artificial intelligence

Eligibility Criteria

  • Having solutions in relevant fields and technologies

  • Market validation from end users or corporate buyers

  • Having an operation in Türkiye as well

  • The product/service must have at least a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Having at least one full-time manager in Turkey

  • The management team is open to training and listening

  • Not having received an investment of more than 1m USD 

Newly formed needs and demands in Finance & Technology are affecting consumer behavior and conventional systems are not sufficient enough to assort with these changes. This situation is creating opportunities for startups that are developing innovative solutions.


As Innovate21st we are stepping in at this point and aiming to make Istanbul the center and the starting point of these changes and new solutions by the implementation of the Growth program.

About the Program

Program Results

Innovate21st Growth & Investment Program, developed by idacapital and funded by corporate investors, is offering an extensive knowledge base and Venture Capital support in order to support new ventures.

As idacapital, we proudly announce the completion of the application process of Innovate21st Growth and Investment Program’s Fintech & Financial Inclusion cohort. After the first Innovate21st growth program focusing on the Retail & PropTech verticals launched back in October, we determined the second program’s main theme as Fintech & Financial Inclusion. In the 3-month evaluation period, we have assessed over 100 applications and completed our meetings with every startup that applied to join the program.


After certain stages of evaluation:

  • Fintegre, which provides affordability and sales growth solutions for retailers that increase the purchasing power of their customers and create additional revenue through its platform that is tailored according to retailers’ needs.

  • Agriofinans, which is an agriculture-focused financial technology startup that redesigns agricultural production and value-chain financing.

  • WorqCompany, a new-generation one-stop-shop for SMEs and startups, providing high-quality vendors and partners for key business services such as company establishment, accounting management, digital finance, and office space solutions.

Deserved to join the acceleration program coordinated by idacapital, and a total of 500K USD pre-Series-A level investment was made into these startups. These startups who are attending the acceleration program are provided with the opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with investment analysts and mentors to get insights on financial model design, unit economics analysis, growth, and access to financial support in line with financial metrics; close communication, and knowledge sharing with Venture Capital investors and experts in marketing, technology, legal & tax issues, etc.; receive further financing from program backers, opportunity to reach a wide network of Venture Capital investors & co-investors by attending a 24-week program focused on improving their investability levels and increasing their business growth. 

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FINTEGRE co-founder Ali Tirkeş:
    “As Fintegre family, we would like to thank all idacapital family who made investments in new technologies and new business models that they think will create added value in the retail sector and contributed to this program and we are happy to cooperate with them. By blending our experience we have gained throughout our careers and the enthusiasm we carry for what we are doing with the support from Innovate21st Investment and Growth program; we sincerely believe that we have taken a very important and valuable step to take our place among global players.” 

Program Results


Fintegre operates in multiple business lines with prominent partners to increase the accessibility and affordability of technological devices. The main business lines of Fintegre consists of POS financing, digital insurance, buyback services, rental & enterprise device management. With the increasing technological device penetrations in Turkish market, we expect Fintegre to play a key role in facilitating digital and financial inclusion. 


Agriofinan offers value-chain finance solutions to agricultural production actors including farmers, contractors, vendors, and financial institutions. Agriofinans' value-added financial instruments decrease financing costs, increases input and resource efficiency in the Supply and production chain of agricultural companies including but not limited to fertilizer, pesticide, agri-feed merchants, equipment suppliers, and labor firms. Agriofinans not only support a sustainable economy but also sustainable and environment-friendly agriculture.


WorqCompany provides essential business services for micro and small businesses, from inception to liquidation, with a mix of digital and physical services. The key value offering is accessibility through the digital and physical backbone and affordability through sharing economy.

Program Partners

Program Supporters

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