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FinTech & Financial Inclusion

About the Program

Innovate21st Acceleration & Investment Program, developed by idacapital and funded by corporate investors, is offering extensive knowledge base and Venture Capital support in order to support new ventures.


Newly formed needs and demands in Finance & Technology are affecting consumer behavior and conventional systems are not sufficient enough to assort with these changes. This situation is creating opportunities for startups that are developing innovative solutions.


As Innovate21st we are stepping in at this point and aiming to make Istanbul as the center and the starting point of these changes and new solutions by the implementation of the Acceleration program.


Startups that are chosen will receive investment up to 250K USD (100K USD on average) prior to the beginning of the program. Also, these startups are going to be continued to get supported throughout the program for additional investment and financing opportunities.     

Program Partners

Program Supporters

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Eligibility Criteria

You should have:

  • Market validation from end-users or corporate buyers

  • Solutions in related areas and technologies

  • Existing operation in Turkey 

  • A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • At least one full-time manager in Turkey

  • A desire to welcome coaching by Venture Capital Investors

  • Received not more than USD 1m

Focus Fields and Technologies​

Some of the technologies we are looking for:

  • Financial Infrastructure

  • Price Optimization

  • Digital Banking Experience

  • Cyber Risk Analysis

  • Transaction Facilitation

  • Cost Savings

  • Payment Security

  • Operation Efficiency

  • Customer Experience

Focus Solutions

Digital Identity

Hisse senetleri

Payment Solutions

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Micro-Lending & Financing

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Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Kredi Kartı

Digital Transformation

Grafikleri Analiz Etmek

SME Solutions

Access to Financial Resources

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Financial Analysis Services

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