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Digital Inclusion

-Cohort 3-

About the Program

Focus Solutions:

  • Shopping malls

  • Retail 

  • Office Spaces

  • Restaurants and Chain Businesses

  • Hospitals and Health Institutes

Focus Areas and Technologies:

  • Customer Experience 

  • sensors

  • Optimization

  • E-Commerce Tools

  • Last Mile Logistics

  • Digital Transportation

  • Highway transports

  • Cancer Solutions

  • Sterilization

  • Health

Eligibility Criteria:



  • You should have an applicable MVP (or near completion) and not formed a company yet


  • Having solutions that can be put in use for pilots and also can be scaled in the mid and long term 

  • Existing operation in Turkey 

  • Having an MVP and received less than $1m investment 

  • Having at least one full-time manager in Turkey

  • Having customer and business validation (sales, pilot application, strategic partnership, etc.)

Program Results

Innovate21st Growth and Investment Program, which is developed by idacapital Acceleration VC and invested into by itself among other investors, is supporting the startups that generate innovative solutions to the changes brought by the digitalization trend in Healthcare, Road Transport and Last-Mile Delivery sectors by offering an extensive knowledge base and venture capital support.

During the first phase of the program, startups that would generate innovative solutions were chosen from over 100 applications, following the pre-interview process. The selected startups made their presentations to an advisory board, consisting of local and foreign members who are leading experts in their fields.    


Following the evaluations during the second phase of the program:

  • Organo-ID, working on diagnosis in cancer treatments

  • Diginak and QDelivery, serving as a platform in the road transport and route optimization, platform consolidation in logistics sector

They deserved to attend the acceleration program coordinated by idacapital, and a total of 800K USD pre-Series-A level investments were made into these startups. 


These startups who are attending the acceleration program are provided with the opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with investment analysts and mentors to get insights on financial model design, unit economics analysis, growth, and access to financial support in line with financial metrics; close communication, and knowledge sharing with Venture Capital investors and experts in marketing, technology, legal & tax issues, etc.; receive further financing from program backers, opportunity to reach a wide network of Venture Capital investors & co-investors by attending a 24-week program focused on improving their investability levels and increasing their business growth. 

QDelivery Logo.png
Diginak Logo.png
Organo-ID Logo.png

Program Results


QDelivery is a smart delivery platform for businesses to track, manage and optimize their deliveries. Their platform connects, automates and orchestrates supply chain technology, people and providers, making innovative delivery and fulfillment models accessible and valuable to everyone. In addition to its platform, it also offers its new product, Kuik!, to enable labor and technology support instantly and quickly for customers. Thus, we believe that QDelivery will become fundemantel component of delivery process. Therefore, we support QDelivery in its path where it plans to reach success with our investments and other helps.


Diginak, a road transport focused fintech company, offers a B2B platform that provides end-to-end digital transportation with high traceability and efficiency by keeping all stakeholders of the process in logistics ecosystem. While digitizes road transportation, Diginak does not neglect to add the good aspects of conventional transportation to this digitalization unlike its competitors. Considering the interests of all stakeholders in the logistics process, it does not exclude agencies and brokers from the transportation process as in a standard digital transportation. Therefore, it builds its operations with a business model where everyone wins in the relationship between the loader, the freight carrier and the agencies. Due to its different approach to digital roadtransportation and its goals, we are on the side of Diginak in this journey with our investments and support.


Organo-ID, whose founders and team are knowledgeable and experts in cancer treatments, is a company that focuses on cancer treatment, which has spread over the world and causes anxiety and losses in people's lives. With the innovative and technological methods it uses, Organo-ID can observe the reaction of cancer to drugs outside of the human body, without the need for direct testing on patients, by using the cancerous organ part they have taken from sick people. In this way, they ensure that the right drugs that should be given to the patients for their treatment meet the patient more quickly. We support Organo-ID with our investments and assistance to realize this great goal they plan to achieve for humanity.

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